Nikola Driving Experience: Haul ass no gas!

Covering nearly 800 acres of mountain terrain, NDE offers a wide variety of experiences using the Badger and NZT off-road vehicles. Whether you're interested in buying one of these vehicles, a company retreat, or a branch of the US Military looking to train, this is the place. 

Badger Games 

The Nikola Badger is quite simply the most badass truck ever envisioned. It has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, looks to kill, and power to do most anything. For those interested in purchasing the Badger, we'll have full-day fun packages.


Like the X Games, we've come up with dozens of driving games include uphill races, donut competition, threshold braking, and short course racing. There's a 10-mile mixed surface rally at the end of each day. 

NZT Rally  

The electric revolution isn't just for cars — in the powersports segment, Nikola is leading the way with the NZT. The NZT has the capability you'd expect in a side-by-side utility vehicle, seating four with a fully-independent suspension with 20" of travel. But underneath, you can specify up to 590hp and a staggering 722 lbs-ft of torque from two electric motors. That's enough to push the top-tier NZT from 0 to 60 in a supercar-like 3.5 seconds.

With half and full-day packages, work with an instructor as you tackle our 1.5-mile dirt track, and the 3 mile mixed terrain mountain course. This program is highly customizable for groups, and all protective equipment is provided. 

4 X4 Driving School

This 3-day program is for those looking for some serious seat time in a Nikola!  Drivers will master rough terrain on off-road trails, with mud holes, steep climbs, descents, and articulation obstacles in both the Badger and NZT.  This unique course offers one-to-one and up to three-to-one personalized instruction. High experienced RallyPro instructors have perfected their skills with years of training, to offer you the ultimate 4×4 experience. 

Skills To Master

  • High Center of Gravity

  • Spring in Un-stored Vs Stored Energy

  • Weight Transfer and Traction Management

  • When to Use High & Low Range

  • Winch & Recovery

  • Left Foot, Straight Line & Trail Braking

  • Under-steer and Over-steer Management

  • Highly Technical Skills with Quick Reaction Time

  • Ultimate Car Control Management

Tactical Driving Instruction

Featuring the NZT, this program delivers driver training to its clients enabling them to succeed in challenging situations and difficult environments around the world. Our driver training solutions are primarily focused on military, law enforcement, force protection, security operations, and government personnel.

By using fully integrated instructional blocks, clients are introduced to essential elements of tactical driving including anti-terrorist evasion, offensive/defensive driving, attack recognition and avoidance. Clients are trained to recognize and avoid potential threats and, if necessary, execute the requisite maneuvers that allow them to escape or deter the threat.


Our building block progression of instruction includes classroom lectures and practical performance. We evaluate and measure classroom (academic) and driving (performance) instruction to ensure knowledge, understanding and performance to standards.